Standing behind True Colours Children's Health Trust

Standing behind True Colours Children's Health Trust7 Mar 2024

When Emergency Consult was first started in 2019 the founders had a vision to bring emergency medicine expertise out of the confines of the physical hospital to help those who most need it – regardless of distance or hour.

One exemplary example of our virtual doctors serving a community in need is our pro-bono work with True Colour’s Children’s Health Trust. Through Emergency Consult the parents of chronically or terminally ill children can access a senior Emergency Physician whenever they need.

The team at True Colours were kind enough to share some of the feedback they’ve recently heard from their families:

“It is definitely a great service to use and saved us the mess of finding a sitter and then travelling into [the nearest urban hospital from their rural home]. Thank you so so much!”

“I appreciated getting a script straight away, which meant I didn’t have to wait and allow things to get worse”.

“We used the EC last night and it was fantastic. It saved us a night of worry and we didn’t have to go to ED! Thanks for putting us onto this service”.

“We knew we needed antibiotics again for her lung infections. She’s perked up slightly already - a great service!”

It is our privilege to provide these seriously unwell children, and their families, the reassurance of being able to video call an Emergency Consultant whenever they need immediate advice or guidance. We hope we can continue being a valuable resource to these very deserving patients for a long time to come.

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