If you require an ambulance, call 111 immediately.
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    No matter where you are or what time it is, access immediate medical guidance from experienced NZ Emergency Medicine Specialists through a virtual consultation.

    How Does it Work?


Your Virtual After Hours & Emergency Clinic

It’s inevitable that pressing health concerns present themselves at the most inconvenient times. What are you to do when your regular doctor isn’t available?

Whether your child has taken ill during the night or you’ve put your back out mowing the lawns on Saturday morning, you can access quality healthcare advice through a video consultation with EmergencyConsult.

No Need to Leave Home

Quality advice from the comfort of your own home.


No Apps or Downloads

Easily access on any phone or device with a camera.


No Long Wait Times

Avoid spending hours in a hospital waiting room.


No Enrolment Forms

No need to change your primary health organisation.


Always Online

Our team of New Zealand-based Emergency Medicine Specialists are online 24/7 ready to provide you with quality health care advice.


Transparent Fees

Our fees are not complicated. A 15-min video consultation costs $89. There are no plans and you stay enrolled with your regular doctor (PHO).


Super Simple

There’s no enrolment forms, no app download or special equipment required. If you’ve got a phone with a camera, you’re ready to go.


What's Involved?

Create Account

Just tell us your name and email and pick a password to join.


Pay for your Consult

Complete payment using credit card or PayPal.


Start Video Consult

Join your consult session and describe your issue or symptoms.


Get Advice

Our Emergency Medicine Specialist will discuss your symptoms with you and offer quality health care advice. This advice may include prescriptions or referrals if required. That’s it, easy!