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Aged Care


We support you to support the elderly.

Engaging our virtual consult service will quickly and easily help ease some of the most pressing issues facing aged care facilities today. We provide aged care providers with quick access to experienced registered nurses and easy escalation to Emergency Medicine Specialists when necessary.

Our friendly, expert staff are on-call around the clock to support to your HCAs and residential staff. Meaning you can confidently deliver consistent care with first-class clinical experience at all hours.

When aged care providers partner with us, our nursing team become an extension of your residential care staff. We find that, as a by-product of our involvement, onsite nurse/HCA morale is bolstered. Your people will feel more supported and residents receive a higher level of medical care. It's a win-win for the aged care provider and elderly patients alike.

No Long Wait Times

Avoid spending hours in a hospital waiting room.


No Apps or Downloads

Easily access on any phone or device with a camera.


No Enrolment Forms

No need to change your GP or primary health organisation.


Ready When You Are

Our nurses are on-call 24/7 and are happy to consult on any medical condition, situation or concern. No accident or illness is too big or too small. We work with your staff to complement their service and provide back-up when it's needed – that might mean overnight or weekend or round-the-clock support. Responsive virtual healthcare is available at the bedside, which reduces the need to rush elderly patients to hospital when it's not entirely necessarily - reducing disruption to staff and trauma to the resident alike.


Clear Up Any Doubt

Nursing in an aged-care environment can be challenging, particularly if there are limited medical colleagues to consult and assist in times of crisis. But now HCAs and residential staff have rapid back-up with access to our nursing team anytime. And, if it’s required, a case can be easily escalated to gain the input of one of our Emergency Medicine doctors. Let us remove uncertainty; keep your quality of care high and your team's confidence up.


Talk to the Experts

Aged care providers use our friendly nursing team as an extension of their own. We have an expanding network of senior RNs and Nurse Practitioners. We also have a wide team of experienced Emergency Medicine doctors (FACEM) if/when escalation is required. We’re used to dealing with the whole spectrum of acute illnesses and injuries. Your resident receives all the care and attention of an old fashion house call including referrals, treatment advice, and prescriptions as required.


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Work With Us

With a scalable network of experienced registered nurses (and Emergency Medicine Specialists) working remotely we’re in a unique position to support aged-care facilities across Aotearoa. If your residential team could benefit from having qualified RNs on-call, and clinical oversight by emergency physicians, please complete the form.