If you require an ambulance, call 111 immediately.

Ambulance Services


Enabling doctor consults at the roadside.

Emergency services can now provide doctor consults on the scene. Our senior emergency specialist doctors (FACEMs) can support paramedics or first responders with virtual consults at the time and place of the call-out.

Often, this model is used to provide care for lower acuity (status 3 and 4) patients. It enables the patient to be seen and treated on the spot without unnecessarily transporting them to the hospital emergency department (ED). Thus providing faster and more convenient care to the patient as well as reducing the incoming flow of transported patients to the ED.

Patient Focused

Integration with your systems will ensure seamless user experience.


Easy to Use

Provide a camera enabled device or have the patient use their own.


Expert Back-Up

Your clinical team gain friendly support from experienced FACEM.


Boost Confidence

Your first responders and paramedics gain the support of experienced FACEM. We’re happy to deliver one-on-one consults with your patients or assisted calls. We become an extension of your team. Our expert, friendly back-up is a win-win for your people and your patients alike.


Fast and Easy

You’ll be able to facilitate smoother operational management with dependable medical back-up that can be tapped into on-demand. All that is needed is a portable device with camera and internet. Low acuity patients appreciate faster treatment and unneccessary burden on the hospital system is avoided.


Quality Clinicians

The doctor you'll see on-screen is a senior emergency physician. S/he is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEM) - they are rigorously selected, extensively trained to make critical decisions, and are veterans of the healthcare system.


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With a scalable network of Emergency Medicine Specialists (FACEM) working remotely we’re in a unique position to support emergency and ambulance services across Aotearoa. If your first responders and paramedics could benefit from expert oversight or easy access to emergency physicians please complete the form.