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Regional Health Services & Hospital Emergency Departments


Leverage FACEM video consults to ease some of the pressure on your Emergency Department.

We're working with EDs throughout New Zealand - and have seen how a hybrid model, which maximises telehealth and prioritises frontline staff, can relieve pressure, reduce patient overflow, and free up onsite clinicians for where they're needed most.

Emergency Consult comprises an extensive network of Fellows of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (FACEMs), who have worked extensively in hospital EDs throughout Aotearoa and abroad.

By supporting our ED colleagues remotely we're able to ensure quality of care - all the time, every time. Telehealth is not aimed at replacing physical clinicians or cutting costs; it's about fortifying the very departments we work in everyday.

Together we can ensure your SMOs achieve adequate downtime overnight, lower acuity cases are moved through quickly, waiting room and triage traffic is dispersed efficiently, and your clinicians gain respectful, knowledgeable support.

Services currently offered to hospital EDs include:

  • EQ VOUCHERS: Where the patient is re-directed with an EQ voucher to attend a video consult independently from home
  • TRIAGE FAST TRACK: Lower acuity patients seen virtually to efficiently disperse front-of-house traffic
  • INTER-ED CONSULTS: Virtual consult within the ED to support ED nurses with expert oversight to provide end-to-end care
  • AFTER-HOURS COVER: Experienced FACEMs available overnight to provide after-hours staffing
  • ON-CALL: Surge management on-demand to respond in times of increased ED traffic
  • VIRTUAL BOARD ROUNDS: To empower junior medical officers and maintain efficient patient flow

Patient Focused

Use our clinical team as an extension of your own to serve your community better.


Easy to Use

Simply provide a device and small private consult area.


Workforce Wellbeing

Build confidence and extend support networks to reduce stress, uncertainty and dissatisfaction.


Boost Morale

We pride ourselves on providing friendly, expert consults and support - a win:win for staff and patients. Enable confident decision making and validated treatment plans with regular FACEM feedback.


Department Performance

Facilitate timely, quality clinical decision-making to advance patient flow and reduce inefficiency. Faster attendance to patients means less waiting and better health outcomes.


Clinical Quality

Gain the support of trusted FACEMs who have worked within the complexities of the New Zealand health system for many years. Objective decision validation reduces risk of error and unnecessary investigations and admissions.


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With a scalable network of Emergency Medicine Specialists working remotely we’re in a unique position to support health services across Aotearoa. If your emergency department could benefit from additional FACEM support please complete the form.