If you require an ambulance, call 111 immediately.

Our Mission


Rethinking healthcare delivery so you can access emergency care whenever and wherever you need it.


We’re on a mission to provide patient-focused medical care that is rapid, accessible and affordable.

Being “patient-focused” has led us to a telemedicine solution that brings emergency care to you; rather than you having to travel and wait to see an emergency doctor. It’s fast, easy and genuine.

We’re also working hard to add value to government, corporate, health and aged care sectors. We have an extensive network of emergency medicine doctors and can scale our services to suit our partners.

As our service expands we will recruit and retain the best emergency medicine specialists in the country; becoming the employer of choice for emergency physicians working remotely, and ultimately being the premier provider of virtual emergency medicine.


Our Values


Being genuine and respectful to our patients is a must. Electronic devices may have removed the need to visit with us in person but we still bring our personal touch to virtual consults. We are locally trained and highly qualified and we choose to work with colleagues who share our sincerity.



Each of us entered the medical profession because we genuinely care. We care for our people and community and pledge to be friendly and professional at all times. We hope that our sincere concern for your wellbeing shines through our digital interaction.


Health Equity

We fiercely believe in, and are striving for, health equity for all New Zealanders. We acknowldge that there are disadvantaged groups within our society and we’re committed to doing our part to recognising and remediating inequality wherever we can.



We value highly our professional integrity and will always be honest and truthful with you. Of course we commit to upholding our doctor’s oath but furthermore you can feel confident that our services will be delivered in a manner that is fair, consistent and moral.



For us it wasn’t enough to just be good at our chosen profession. We want to challenge the status quo and deliver services that are truly patient focused. Sometimes that means calling upon our creativity and ingenuity. And it also means we looking ahead, considering the future delivery of healthcare.


Proudly Kiwi Owned & Operated
New Zealanders caring for New Zealanders.