Partnering with aged care providers across Aotearoa

Partnering with aged care providers across Aotearoa25 Jul 2022

If you've been following the news lately you may be aware that there's a dire shortage of registered nurses in Aotearoa - and it's being felt severely in our aged care facilities.

We're working with aged care providers around the country; giving them remote access to our network of nurses (and escalation to our doctors where necessary) around the clock. Our friendly registered nurses (RNs) have become an extension of the residential teams they work with. They’re on-screen in elderly residents rooms from Far North to the deep South.

The onsite carers or Health Care Assistants (HCAs) now feel more supported. We find that, as a by-product of our involvement, the number of escalations/calls seeking clinical guidance increases significantly. Whereas staff may have hesitated to call a manager previously they’re empowered to video call us to double check any medical concern, anytime. As a result, onsite staff feel more supported and confident knowing our nurses have their back. No accident or illness is too big or too small.

It’s a win for elderly patients too as they benefit from rapid bedside attention. It’s like an old fashioned house call where the patient gets to stay onsite and receive care. There's a reduced chance of crossed wires with the clinician, carer and patient all present at the same time. And it removes the risk and trauma of relocating an elderly patient unnecessarily.

We've been blown away at how the aged care sector has adopted virtual assistance. It's a wining solution in a time when resources are stretched. And it's heartening to see how we can make a difference within these facilities.

Feel free to recommend us to your local aged care home or village if they could benefit from experienced clinical oversight. Our Aged Care Nurse Lead, Jo Sier and Nurse Practitioner, Lynette Baines are travelling the length of our beautiful country to support the rollout of Emergency Consult to aged care facilities and may well be in a town near you.

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