Now working with schools to care for our tamariki

Now working with schools to care for our tamariki25 Jul 2022

We're starting to work with a few schools. It's an exciting new direction for our service. For education providers, easy access to rapid medical care means their students are safeguarded and staff are supported.
Nursing in an education environment can be challenging, particularly with a lack of medical colleagues to consult and assist in times of crisis. But now school nurses have instant back up with access to friendly, NZ-trained emergency doctors anytime.

But injured and ill students aren’t always in the designated sick bay – or cared for by the school nurse. And that’s no problem, because we’re in a unique position to help our tamariki wherever they need it – whether that’s at school, on the side of a sports field, in a boarding house, or off-site.

A three-way consultation puts the school nurse (or teacher/pastoral carer), our doctor, and the student ‘in the room’ together. The student receives all the care and attention of an old fashion house call while staying onsite. They discuss their symptoms via video chat and receive comprehensive treatment advice that includes prescriptions, referrals, or further investigations (such as lab tests or x-rays) as necessary.

For international students, who may not have a local healthcare professional that they trust and who knows their medical history, a video consult with a veteran of the NZ healthcare sector is a convenient way to receive quality care and be pointed in the right direction for any further medical requirements.

If you would like to discuss remote urgent care for your school please feel free to get in touch: