Isolating at home

Isolating at home17 Jan 2022

We’re working with a few different DHB’s around the country to support their COVID responses. So, if you’re required to home isolate in the coming months and need a virtual house call, don’t be surprised if it’s one of our friendly doctors that meets you on the screen.

The COVID-positive patients we are supporting, who are isolating at home, are getting good support from their regional district health board (DHB) and local healthcare providers. And from virtual consults with us. But it’s also a great idea to think about your own support network – your whanau – and think how you can support each other.

If someone in your whanau is required to isolate you won’t be able to physically visit them so a little forward thinking goes a long way. Here are some things to consider…

– Where is the most comfortable and convenient self-isolation space in your household?

– Do you have a way to keep in touch if you have to self-isolate? If you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to learn how to use Facetime, Messanger or Whatsapp.

– Are all normal health and safety measures up to date? Have you tested your fire alarms and stocked the first aid kit?

– Consider any dependents including children, pets and livestock that might be affected if their usual caregiver is out of action.

– If you’re self-isolating can someone else care for any tamariki in the home? If they would have to go elsewhere, consider what they might need to take with them .

– Would you be able to have food and essentials delivered to you?

– Who is on your emergency contact list? Make a list that includes services (doctor, pharmacist, healthline, local police) as well as personal contacts (closest neighbour, next of kin, dependents, spouse and important whanau members).