Giveaway winner announced

Giveaway winner announced15 Aug 2022

Thanks to everyone who entered our random prize draw on Facebook for the winter supply pack. Michelle was the lucky winner and all those winter staples are en route to her now.

Our entrants were asked to mention one thing they have been doing to maintain wellbeing this winter. It was inspiring to hear all the wonderful things you are doing to keep well.

Advice ranged from the tried and true to the truly innovative. Lots of people are focusing on extra vitamin C, regular walks, plenty of water, masks in public, stretching, and prioritising quality sleep. And we heard of lots of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey, and fresh veggies being consumed too. One follower had even created a whatsapp group to which friends post photo evidence of their 5+ intake to a to keep accountable!

Whatever you're doing, keep it up to get through these last few weeks of winter. Kia kaha. Go well.