Consults in Your Pharmacy-Mt Maunganui

Consults in Your Pharmacy-Mt Maunganui1 Aug 2021

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Your Pharmacy – Mt Maunganui. This large dispensing pharmacy is now offering video consults with our Emergency Consult docs on-the-spot. That means any scripts or treatments can be issued and immediately filled by one of their 5 pharmacists while you’re in-store.

You’ll find Your Pharmacy at 42 Girven Road (formerly called Unichem Mount Dispensary).

Although oftentimes a pharmacist will know exactly what their customer requires, they’re regularly presented illnesses and injuries that require a doctor’s oversight or prescribed medication. And often the patient is already frustrated, having been unsuccessful at getting a GP’s appointment, and/or unwilling to endure a lengthy wait at an urgent care clinic. At times they bear the brunt of that frustration! We’re enjoying working with the many pharmacies that have come onboard with us. It’s our pleasure help you extend the service you offer your community.

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