Aged Care: Need nurses to help fill Xmas rosters?

Aged Care: Need nurses to help fill Xmas rosters?1 Dec 2023

Christmas is coming up fast! So just a quick reminder that our virtual Registered Nurses are available at short notice should you need help filling gaps in your Christmas roster.

Our nurses can be onboard with as little as 10 minutes notice – perfect for short notice cover, backfilling holiday rosters, and coping with surge demand.

We're here for 24-hour support if/when needed. We provide quick, remote access to compassionate RNs and easy escalation to Emergency Medicine Specialists. Supporting your staff and residents with friendly, knowledgeable oversight.

Our partners in the aged care sector use us to successfully treat a range of conditions online - including fall injuries, pain and medication management, agitation and confusion, control drug checking, and unexpected illness.

Our experienced staff are on-call around the clock.

We place huge value on your on-site healthcare team. Together we can implement a collaborative care model where any gaps are filled quickly and competently so that quality care is delivered all the time, every time.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to learn more or make Christmas shift bookings.

To book, please submit the form on Contact Us or phone 021 249 6674 or email [email protected]. Please note that we will respond within business hours.