If you require an ambulance, call 111 immediately.

During Isolation


Remote access to trustworthy doctors for incoming travellers, close contacts, corrections departments or anyone else required to isolate.


Isolation can be harrowing.

For some people being held in quarantine or isolation can be harrowing. The lack of external stimuli can amplify symptoms and health concerns or, on the contrary, it can stop some people from seeking urgent medical help when they need it.

Partnering with EmergencyConsult means that facilities offering managed isolation services can support the health needs of their guests remotely. The people in isolation can rest assured that they’re able to be instantly connected to a friendly, professional, experienced frontline doctor regardless of what their medical concern is, which facility they’re occupying, or what time it is.

Our video conferencing health service has been designed for easy access. We provide the care and attention of an old fashioned house call while leveraging commonplace modern technology (your smartphone or device). There are no apps or downloads required; all you need is a camera enabled phone and medical help is in-hand.

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No Long Wait Times

Avoid spending hours in a hospital waiting room.


No Apps or Downloads

Easily access on any phone or device with a camera.


No Enrolment Forms

No need to change your primary health organisation.


Stay Safe

By registering with EmergencyConsult unnecessary travel and time spent waiting to see a doctor is eliminated. The opportunity for cross-contamination is avoided. And exposure to possible contacts is minimised.


Fast Full Service

Patients of our ‘virtual’ service are seen immediately and, if necessary, get the scripts or referrals they need. Our clinicians provide everything you would expect from visiting an ED or Urgent Care Clinic; you have access to consultations, prescriptions, medical certificates, or investigations (labs and x-rays) as necessary. And we are also ACC registered.


Locally Trained

All our Emergency Department Specialists are New Zealand trained and hold qualifications with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. It’s just like visiting your hospital ED except faster and safely confined within isolation.


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With a scalable network of emergency department specialists we’re in a unique position to partner with businesses and facilities.

We’re working with organisations like yours, around New Zealand, to complement corporate wellness strategies and provide virtual medical oversight by trusted NZ trained emergency doctors.


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