If you require an ambulance, call 111 immediately.

Corporate Partnerships


With a scalable network of emergency medicine professionals we're in a unique position to partner with businesses and large organisations.


In business, time is money.

Businesses, large organisations, institutions and government departments are now able to tap into immediate specialist emergency care that is agile and scalable. We have an extensive network of NZ emergency department (ED) doctors and are able to design a service that fits your organisation’s needs.

In business, time is money. But by partnering with EmergencyConsult you can minimise the loss of productive time by accessing reputable, rapid medical advice when unforeseen accidents or illness strike. Your people can work safe in the knowledge that they have professional treatment, advice and referrals on hand anytime it’s needed.

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No Long Wait Times

Avoid spending hours in a hospital waiting room.


No Apps or Downloads

Easily access on any phone or device with a camera.


No Enrolment Forms

No need to change your primary health organisation.


Premier Medical Advice

We will provide your organisation, and its people, with premier emergency medical advice the instant the unexpected (yet inevitable) happens. Our service will complement your wellness strategy and make you a stand out employer.


Reduce Lost Time

We understand that you are busy; often the last thing you need is to spend hours visiting an ED or Urgent Care Clinic waiting to see a doctor. EmergencyConsult reduces lost time away from work and will refer you, or your employee, to a hospital if necessary.


Locally Trained

All our Emergency Department Specialists are locally trained and have worked within the complexities of the New Zealand health system. We understand time efficiency and understand your need to get back to work quicker.


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Work With Us

With a scalable network of emergency department specialists we’re in a unique position to partner with businesses and facilities.

We’re working with organisations like yours, around New Zealand, to complement corporate wellness strategies and provide virtual medical oversight by trusted NZ trained emergency doctors.