Digital Health Leadership Summit 2024

Digital Health Leadership Summit 202423 May 2024

Report from the Digital Health Leadership Summit

Immediately on the back of the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne was New Zealand’s own Digital Health Leadership Summit.

Held at Shed 6 in Wellington, the summit included roundtable discussions with guest speakers and thought starters to help ignite conversation and ideas on digital health transformation.

This year’s theme was ‘leading change’ but a common message throughout the proceedings was how we, as leaders, can bring people with us on the transformation journey. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” resonated with the audience.

Our very own Jenni Falconer, CEO of Emergency Consult, took the stage for panel titled ‘Disruptive Leadership – bringing the art of the possible’. She was joined by John Macaskill-Smith (Spark Health), Helmut Modlik (Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira), and James Fuller (Hnry).

Hosted by Health Informatics editor Rebecca McBeth, the panel expounded the virtues of action. Their advice included “Don’t wait for permission, just start!” and “Lift where you stand”. They explained that hearing “no” is part of the journey but that with a clear “why”, and fortitude, that doesn’t need to stop you.

This year’s keynote speakers included Doug Healey (Pou Taki Mōhiohio | Te Aka Whai Ora), Anne Fitisemanu (TupuToa), Paula Tesoriero (Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People) and from Health NZ Te Whatu Ora: Leigh Donoghue, Kari Jones, Patrick O’Doherty, and Naomi Ferguson.

Once again, the event is credited with giving attendees a sense of shared purpose and inspired action and resilience.

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