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Isolation Facilities


Reliable, rapid medical care at managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

We understand that controlled isolation can be trying for both the staff and those in their care. Being held in quarantine can amplify symptoms in some yet stop others from seeking urgent care when they need it. Engaging our video consult service means onsite clinical teams are supported with reliable medical cover at all times of day and night. It’s safe, seamless and eliminates uncertainty.

Our doctors are veterans of the New Zealand health system, specialists in Emergency Medicine, and will provide friendly oversight to those on the ground. Those who are required to isolate gain easy, remote access to trusted emergency doctors without the risk of creating exposure events.

Patient Focused

Integration with your systems will ensure seamless user experience.


Easy to Use

Provide a camera enabled device or have the patient use their own.


Expert Back-Up

Your clinical team gain friendly support from experienced FACEM.


Boost Confidence

Your clinical team will gain the support of experienced FACEM. We’re happy to deliver one-on-one consults with your patients or assisted calls. We become an extension of your team. Our expert, friendly back-up is a win-win for your people and your patients alike.


Safe and Easy

You’ll be able to facilitate smoother operational management with dependable medical back-up that can be tapped into on-demand. All that is needed is a portable device with camera and internet. Guests and staff stay safe and possible contamination is avoided.


Quality Clinicians

All our Emergency Medicine Specialists are locally trained and have worked within the complexities of the New Zealand health system for many years.

All our doctors are current Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEM).


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With a scalable network of Emergency Medicine Specialists (FACEM) working remotely we’re in a unique position to support DHBs and quarantine facilities across Aotearoa. If your on-site clinical team could benefit from expert oversight or easy access to emergency physicians please complete the form.